Termite Exterminators in Miami FL

Termites are wood-destroying insects that cause massive damage to your home and property. If you suspect a termite infestation, contact an experienced pest control company for help.

The best termite exterminators use a complete solution called tenting with gas fumigation to eliminate your entire termite colony. This method is far more effective than spot or liquid treatments that only reach parts of your structure.

Termite Inspection

Termite inspections are an important part of protecting your home from termites. They’ll identify areas of concern and recommend a treatment plan to protect your home from future damage.

During a termite inspection, our licensed technicians will conduct a thorough sweep of your property for any evidence of a termite infestation. This includes the crawl space beneath your house, attics and basements.

The inspector will also check the wood framing, siding, windows, doors and cabinets for termite activity. They’ll inspect the eaves, especially around gutters and downspouts.

Once the termite inspection is complete, the inspector will provide you with a report detailing the inspection findings. The report will include information about the extent of any termite activity, any recommendations and a quote for any treatments or repairs.

Termite exterminators in Miami FL can help you determine whether your home is infested with termites, and provide a proactive solution to protect your home from future damage.

Termite Treatment

If you are concerned about termites, it is important to seek a termite treatment program. A termite control program from a qualified pest control company will help keep your Miami home free of these destructive insects and protect the value of your property.

Depending on your specific situation, your termite exterminator may offer several different termite treatment services. These can include chemical treatments, bait systems or a combination of both.

When choosing a company, be sure to ask about the toxicity of the products they will use to treat your home. This information will be on the product label.

Warped or damaged wood: The moisture that termites release as they tunnel through wood causes it to warp. This can cause paint to bubble or doors and windows to become difficult to open.

Frass, or termite feces, is also left behind as they eat through wood. It can appear as piles of pellets or black marks near the sites of damage.

Termite Fumigation

Termite fumigation is an effective method of termite removal for severe, widespread or dry wood termite infestations that are inaccessible or difficult to locate. It can be applied for these infestations as well as less extensive ones.

During the fumigation process, a trained pest management professional will tent your home before releasing fumigant into the structure. The fumigant penetrates deeply into the wood to kill and eradicate termites.

During the tenting, all people and pets should be removed from your home for at least two nights to ensure the safety of everyone. You should not return to the home until a control professional tells you it is safe to enter your home again.

Termite Remediation

Termites can be very difficult to get rid of without the help of termite exterminators. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home if left untreated for too long.

Moreover, they can also cause health risks for you and your family. It is therefore important to take action as soon as you notice signs of an infestation.

The first thing to look for in a termite infestation is termite frass which is often found in the attic, on windowsills and in wooden furniture. It is a hard and sometimes reddish brown or black pellet-like substance.

Another indicator of termite activity is finding discarded wings or mud tubes on your foundation walls. These are a sign that termites are present in your home and will continue to feed on the wood.

If you see these things, it is time to call the best termite exterminators in Miami FL for a free inspection. They will inspect the entire building and determine the best treatment solution for your needs.